Grant Policy

The purpose of the Foundation is to “promote scientific research, teaching
and/or education beneficial to the Kingdom of Sweden”. The Foundation preferably supports projects and infrastructure in natural sciences, technology and medicine.

The Foundation receives applications for grant funding from universities, allowing optimum use of these resources for scientific research. The Foundation evaluates, prioritizes and follows up research grants, while universities are responsible for internal priority, steering, control, monitoring and performance.

Grant Policy

Universities and the royal scientific academies can apply for grants in the following areas:

  1. Grants for research projects of high scientific potential.
  2. Individual support of excellent scientists, Wallenberg Academy Fellows, Wallenberg Clinical Scholars and Wallenberg Scholars.
  3. Strategic grants, which are initiated by the Foundation.
  4. The Foundation’s scholarship program.

The Foundation’s ambition is to work efficiently and with high quality in all parts of the process. Our close cooperation with universities and academies is an important component of our preparations. The Principals Council has a direct impact on our overall policy and designates one of the members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Foundation’s auditors.

All applications to the Foundation must be prioritized by the vice-chancellor (or the equivalent) at the University where the principal investigator works. The Foundation uses peer reviewers for the nomination process.


Research funded by the Foundation must be published with open access, that is, published articles must be archived in openly searchable databases. The additional cost for this can be taken up as a direct cost in project applications.


The Foundation yearly endorses the universities special funds for travel expenses to be awarded teachers and researchers. Applications for travel grants shall be directed directly to the universities. Direct applications to the Foundation concerning travels, conferences fees etc. will not be accepted. Grants for new buildings or interior design or publishing are normally not accepted. Grants are not given to research within companies.