Advanced Teachers Program

Advanced Teachers Program



 The Foundation wants to contribute to the advancement of teaching excellence in Swedish schools. For that purpose, we envision a long term program that provides devoted teachers challenging, inspiring and advanced teaching experiences and studies overseas.

The program has been running for three years. Each year six teachers have had the opportunity to participate in the “Stanford Summer Teachers Institute” at Stanford University in California US during one week in combination with talks and presentations from Stanford Faculty, to participate in other Stanford Summer activities and to visit laboratories and schools.


For the summer of 2017 the Foundation will invite another group of 6 teachers to participate in the Stanford Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET)-program.

The Swedish teachers will participate in the CSET – Stanford Teaching Festival, July 31 -  August 4 2017, which is described on the web-site.

In addition to the CSET program, the visit to Stanford will include a second week of visits, practice and projects – to be documented and reported on by the participant teachers. This summer the second week will take place before the CSET program.

An important activity of the participants will be to develop a project in which the knowledge and experiences gained during the Stanford visit can be transformed into methods and tools for improving teaching in their own classrooms.

The program also includes an introductory meeting with the selected teachers, follow-up meetings and evaluation in the fall, together with networking with other ATP- teachers during the coming years.

It is of utmost importance that the school management is supporting the applicant by providing time to participate in courses and networking activities together with dissemination of experiences to colleagues.


Apply by submitting the application form to the Foundation via e-mail (maw [at] wfab [dot] se) together with:

CV including previous education and teachers training, teacher certificate, current employment, language skills etc.

  • A short comprehensive letter commenting on a) key working experiences, b) motivation for the application and c) expectations on participation and how the program can relate to your current teaching position. Attached to this letter should be a short video clip from current teaching together with the teacher’s own reflections.
  • Description of a possible project showing how that can improve teaching by attending the Stanford Program including the CSET course.
  • Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s school management with a) a confirmation of support for the teacher to participate in the program without any reductions in salary, b) a statement of the active support from school management and possibility for the teachers to engage in follow-up activities and to inform other teachers and to implement new ideas in the school. Further c) the principal and the school should have an interest in actively participating in the ATP network and mentoring for the development of teaching etc.

The preferred CSET course should be stated in the application. The final selection, however, to the courses will be made by the Foundation after consultation with Stanford university.

Application form

The visit

 The program includes 1-2 days of introduction in advance of the visit, visit to Stanford July 23 – August 4, 2017 (travel to US on July 22 and travel back on August 5)], and 2-4 days per year of follow-up and networking during the coming years.

The grant includes tuition fees, possible insurances, travel and boarding at the Stanford University during the stay together with travel expenses in conjunction with introduction, follow-up and evaluation meetings.

Due date

 The application should be submitted no later than April 5, 2017