Wallenberg Academy Fellows

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is a carreer programme that provides long-term funding for the most promising young researchers of all disciplines to develop their projects.

The background to the program is that Sweden is falling behind in terms of scientific competitiveness and that young researchers in our country not develop as well as in comparative nations. Research funding is not lacking – that is not the primary reason for establishing the program – it’s just that the best individuals are not always getting the right resources.

Swedish universities are invited to nominate researchers for the program Wallenberg Academy Fellows. The applications should be sent electronically. One application for every single nomination should be submitted. Indirect costs are treated in accordance to the Foundation’s policy for research projects.

Complete nominations and applications must be received by the Foundation not later than 15th of February.

Complete documentation of every nominee must be submitted to the Foundation electronically, by the university.

The nominations to Wallenberg Academy Fellows by the universities are made via e-application.

The form is primarily used for grant applications so please follow the instructions below for nominating Wallenberg Academy Fellows.

Call for funding applications and invitation to nominate young researchers for the Wallenberg Academy Fellows program
Assessment critera 

Researchers interested in the program are requested to contact the Universities.

Contacts at the Swedish Universities

Call for Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2012 prolongation grant (years 6-10)

Wallenberg Academy Fellows (WAF) who received their grant in 2012 can be nominated for another five years of funding. Up to 40% of the original Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2012 may obtain an extension. Swedish Universities and institutions of higher education are invited to nominate Wallenberg Academy Fellows appointed 2012 for the prolongation.

The application period begins March 1, 2017 and a complete nomination must be received by the Foundation before April 5, 2017. 

Call for Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2012 prolongation grant 
Assessment criteria
Instructions for E-application 

Peter Wallenberg Jr presents the Wallenberg Academy Fellows program